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It's easy to get lost here, and not find your way out for decades! The first Alchemical Site alone could occupy years.
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Do not miss this one! An amazingly comprehensive site to find anything!
Just take a look at her index or contents list. From ancient mysteries to the cutting edge of strangeness, you may never look anywhere else.
With over six million visitors, this site is a wonderful resource for all things mystical. You can hunt for ghosts, crop circles, folklore, Gaia, Arthurian, divination, etc. Be prepared to spend a lot of time .
This is a site of High Excellence!
Everything possible about alchemy and then some!
It has 1300 sections, tens of thousands of pages of text, 200 complete alchemical texts, and hundreds of stunning images which include paintings, woodcuts, and engravings.
It even has alchemical music composed by the famous alchemist Michael Maier, which you can listen to as you are looking at the accompanying woodcuts.
I suggest you start with "Images" and go to SPLENDOR SOLIS.
Be amazed at the time and focus it must have taken to put this site together!
This site is an archive of Western Esoterica.
Here you will find many famous alchemists such as John Dee, Agrippa, and Bruno. You will also find esoteric and occult GIFS to use, including woodcuts, alchemical symbols, and runes.
This site also has some great links.
From this site you can link to just about every aspect of the Kabbalah you can imagine.
Visually fun and nicely put together.
You could spend years here!
This site is a gret introduction and overview of the Kabbalah. It has a section explaining what it is, its' history its' study and all sorts of great info, charts, and graphics.
Worth a look.