4. How do you know what is being offered?

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This will include on-line classes, physical classes, and up coming lectures or events.

This Page will tell you all you need to know about Georgia's On- Line Classes.

1 .What is an on-line class?
2. How does it work?
3. What do you need to participate?
4. How do you know what is being offered?
5.  How do you get started?

1. What is an On-Line Class?

An On-Line Class is a class you can take via your computer. (Or your phone if you have internet access!)
No traffic to battle, no rising gas prices, no having to wait for a class to start in your area!
You can participate in a class with people who live on the other side of the planet!
The classes are live, in real time, just as if you were physicaly attending her presentation.
Georgia offers a variety of classes on various Esoteric subjects. The classes range from short presentations to long term study, including one time events, four to eight week classes, and courses of study lasting a year or more.

2. How does it work?

Classes are usually conducted in the evening, that is, evening in Southern California.
When it is time for a class, students go to a "secret page" on this web site.

There you will find a screen or link which will become active during a "live" broadcast.
You will be able to type comments and questions as the class proceeds, see the questions and comments of others in the class as they happen, and if you have a microphone or a web cam (very inexpensive these days) the others in the class can see and hear you on their screens and you can see and hear them. It's like being in a room
all together!

Don't want to type your questions...'cause you're slow? You can get a microphone for under $10.00 and just ask them by voice. 
Don't want to be seen 'cause you're in your "jammies"? Don't get a web cam, just use the microphone.

Any text or charts used in the class will be e-mailed to participants before the meeting, to give you plenty of time to print them out.

Only class members are allowed in the "room" so the instruction is private.
Typed questions can happen at any time during the class, and Georgia will answer them "live".
The class will proceed almost as if everyone is together in the same room. Participants can get to know each other by voice or video even though the may be in othe states or countries.

The payment for the class is mailed to Georgia before the start of the class.
If it is a monthly or on-going class, the payment is once a month.

NOTE: After you sign up for the first month, classes can be paid for via Pay Pal.
Students who live outside the USA can also use Pay Pal. (e-mail for details)

Classes by the month are held on the same night and time, once a week. There will be four, sometimes five classes per month, excepting designated holidays. Cost per month is $50.00 whether there are four or five classes. That works out to about $12.00 per class.
Each class lasts from one to two hours.
Georgia must receive your check or money order a week before the presentation.
Only paid participants  will be allowed to stay in the meeting.

When a class is scheduled to begin, and paid for by the students, there is usually a "practice" night scheduled the week before startup. This is to introduce the format to everyone and to make sure everyone knows how to ask questions. It is also a time to check and make sure that everything works. Any problems can then be taken care of before the start of the class itself.

The fee for one time presentations will vary.

3. What do you need to participate?

1.You will need a computer of course. Classes support PCs Macs, and Linux.
You will need a printer, and optional microphone and web cam.
If you get a web cam, the microphone will be included so you only have to buy one piece
of equipment. No special programs to sign up for or buy. That's all the equipment you need!

2. You will need to be able to recieve e-mail.

3. You will need to download the latest version of Flash Player.(Now Adobe)
This is a FREE program that you download into your computer. It runs in the background,
 you will never have to deal with it once it is installed.
 It supports the video conferencing.
You can do your own search, or use this link to get you to the macromedia site where you
 simply follow the directions to download the program.


4. You will need the latest version of QuickTime.
This is a program that supports the audio/video. Both PC and Mac users need this.
Get this free program by going to the following link:

5.  You will need a fast internet connection. This can be DSL, cable or other broadband connection. A dial up service will simply not be able to handle the video and sound. If you don't have  this service, here are some things to know. DSL is now really inexpensive. You can get DSL for less than $20.00 per month. This is not much more than you are already paying for a dial-up connection. There are many places that offer even more inexpensive DSL. One of them is DSL Extreme. Click on the link below.
http://www.dslextreme.com/  This site will allow you to get DSL and to find out if it is even available in your area.
If not, then a cable service is another option.
It usually takes several weeks to get a fast connection service up and running.
Give yourself plenty of time.

5. How do you get started?

1. Make sure you have read the text above, and understand the process. 

2. E-mail Georgia and let her know you will be signing up! Make sure you do this first!

Then make your your check or money order to Georgia Lambert, and mail to this address.
Make sure you print the address exactly as given here:

Georgia Lambert
18032 Lemon Drive #C
PMB 216
Yorba Linda, CA. 92886

Make sure you write on the check what it is for!!!

Georgia has lots of classes, so it is important to
make sure which class you are paying for.
Make sure to include your e-mail address.
She must have a way to contact you!

When your check is received, Georgia will e-mail you to
 let you know it has been received and will give you the
date and time of your "practice" night.

That's it, just sit back and wait for the e-mail with instructions
about the practice/class. It will be sent the week before the session is to begin.

That's all there is to it. 
Hopefully all of your questions have been answered.
If not, you may e-mail Georgia
by clicking this button. Thanks for your interest!
Copyright G. Lambert 2008. All rights reserved.