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Between 1986 and 1992 Georgia delivered over thirty lectures to the public at the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles. The presentations were recorded on audio tape with all the difficulties inherent in that medium. These lectures are presented on CD in their original format, and cover a wide range of esoteric subjects.

All titles below are offered as a 2 CD set. Total time is aprox. 1 1/2 hours.
Cost of $20.00  per set includes mailing within the USA.
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1.   Metaphysical, Esoteric, Occult: Which is which? 
2.   Group Consciousness: Humanity's next Evoloutionary step.
3.   The Death Process
4.   Transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius
5.   The Ideal of the Soul
6.   Esoteric Seasons of the Year
7.   Lions of God: The Way of the Western Warrior
8.   Spiritual Seeker to Working Disciple
9.   The Other Zodiac
10. The Three Aspects of Arthurian Legend
11. Ritual: The Right Use of Alignment
12. Hiram Abiff: The Heart of Masonic Legend
13. Transmutation: Alchemical Lead into Spiritual Gold
14. Matter: The Mother Aspect
15. The Father Aspect: Purpose, Power, and Will
16. The Legend of Saint George
17. Glastonbury: Light of the Western Heart

18.  Sword & Spear: Esoteric history of WWII.

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Georgia Lambert
18032 Lemon Dr. #C
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By Georgia Lambert

A Manual for Teaching 'Nature of the Soul'
For Teacher Training Graduates

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Georgia Lambert
18032 Lemon Dr. #C
PMB 216
Yorba Linda, CA 92886

After completing  the Nature of the Soul & Teachers Training, courses
by Lucille Cedercrans, the student is left with a plethora of techniques,
and often confusion as to what to use where.
This booklet puts the techniques into a workable sequence and give
you all you will need to know as a teacher.

NOTE: This book is available to Teacher Training Graduates ONLY!
You will need to supply the name of your teacher and the date you completed the course in order to receive this book.

Cost: $20.00. Includes mailing within the USA.

E-mail for more extensive information.


A Practical Guide to the Imagry of the Kabalah

In order to study the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life,
one must understand that the Tree was the original "computer chip". Upon this glyph could be stored vast amounts of information.
In order to access these deep levels of meaning, one must possess
a key, a language of arch-types.

This work is a systematic program of downloading this archetypal language. Seventy seven specific meditation/visualization exercises are provided which build not only this language of symbols, but
also provide training in internal imagery and memory.

The visualizations include and synthesize the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms, the transmutation of negative traits into positive expressions, the quality and functions of the Seven Rays, and the archetypal imagery of mythological god/goddess forms. These exercises are done in order, each building upon the previous work. At the end of the program one gains a vast ability in internal imaging, plus a complete symbolic language which forms the basis of Kabbalistic study.

An Esoteric Cookbook!

from the
Marie Antoinette School of Enlightenment
Pastry Shoppe

This is the perfect gift for your esoteric friends!

Here is a real cookbook with real recipes based on every religious, metaphysical, and esoteric tradition you can think of! It has selections such as Kundalinguini (a spine-tingling repast) and Ascension Bread made with raisins and self-rising flour.
VERY tongue in cheek, and is written under the pseudonym Mistress Manas. It has 7 sections including one called "The Deli Lama" for occult fast foods, which includes dainties like the Amon-Ra sandwich (you'll Nefer have it better)
It also includes "seeker tips" to help the culinary aspirant on his or her way, such as "Take up your Croissant  follow".
For a more indepth look at what lies within, click the muffin button below for an overview and a table of contents. If you like Monty Python you will LOVE this!

A Tale for Winter Solstice

This is a short story written in the old Bardic Tradition,
a Celtic tale filled with the magic of the Winter Solstice, and perfect for children or adults.

You may download the WORD DOC. for free by clicking this button!


Odes of a Western Warrior

This is a book of poetry inspired by the tradition
of the Spiritual Warrior. It is a western answer to
the beautiful and flowery poetry of eastern tradition. Many of the poems emphasize the qualities of nobility, courage, and sacrifice, and remind the aspirant that
there are those on the path of Gods Will as well as
those on the path of Gods Love.

Oil painting by G. Lambert

By Georgia Lambert


The week after the tsunami in Southeast Asia,
I was moved to do this painting.
It is a very large oil painting, and the detail does
not show on this web example.
The detail in the water shows the beach, broken
buildings and trains, and there are bodies in the waves.
Up from the water, the Souls of those passing are lifted
up into the heart of the World Mother.
I call it "Rescue"
G. Lambert

Full sized prints are available.
$75.00 includes mailing within USA,
E-mail for orders outside USA.

Copyright G. Lambert 2009.
All rights reserved.

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Georgia Lambert
18032 Lemon Dr. #C
PMB 216
Yorba Linda, CA 92886

This oil painting of the Lion Goddess of Egypt was
 used for the cover of Rosicrucian Magazine.
A large poster of this work can be purchased at Georgia's site
at Cafe Press.
To order, click the button with the pyramid..
For an explaination of the symbology in the painting, click the Apis Bull.

All reproduction rights and proceeds to this  painting in oils 
are donated to the Chalice Well Trust in Glastonbury England.
It has become one of their most popular greeting cards.
To order from the Chalice Well gift shop, go to their site
by clicking the chalice
Large Oil
Published by Armstrong's as a Limited Edition
Signed and Numbered Lithograph Print
( poster size)
These can be ordered for $50.00.
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Send Check or Money Order to:

Georgia Lambert
18032 Lemon Dr. #C
PMB 216
Yorba Linda, CA 92886

Large, Oversized Winter Solstice Card.
Painting and inside poem by Georgia Lambert
Comes with envelopes.
5 for $25.00 Includes mailing,
( suitable for framing)
Order from the address above.
Price includes mailing within the USA.
E-mail for prices outside the USA.