Welcome to my Gallery!
Here you will find random pictures of highlighted events, in no particular order, covering a time span of over thirty years. 

One of my early teachers.
He was a direct disciple of
Yeukteshwar, the teacher of
Paramahansa Yogananda.

Lecturing at the Philosophical Research Society,
under Manly Palmer Hall's picture.

Inside an Ancient Oak
in Sherwood Forest, England.

Here I am next to Astronaut and Senator John Glenn!
This was an international conference of Areonautics and Astronautics. The theme was "The History of Flight".
As a part of Falcons Court, we did a live flight presentation with
our raptors, demonstrating how Leonard DaVinci observed the science of flight and created all his designs for flying machines.
The Air Force Boys Loved It!

With my Irish Wire Strung Harp.

Being offered the Masters Chair by a
Modern Knight Templar at the
Scottish Rite Lodge in Pasadena Ca.
I delivered a presentation
on the Knights Templar to Masons.

Standing under a "no unauthorised entry" sign at the doorway of the Masons Yard
 in England.
I am showing off a Masonic ring given to me by the Masons for a presentation on the 28th degree!

"Hanging Out" with Lex Hixon,
Sufi Master and author of
"The Great Swan."

At the enterance to the WEYLAND SMITHY,
an ancient barrow in England, and workplace of the Blacksmith to the Faery Folk.

Harvest Home at the altar of a tiny church
 in Briez Norton, Oxfordshire, England.
Within the chapel, is buried John d'Aubigny,
a Knight Templar whose death occured on 
Summer Solstice Eve.
The d'Aubigny family stemmed from
the Cup Bearer to William the Conqueror. 
William d'Aubigny ( married to Adleiza d'Louvain, widow of Henry the I ) was given Arundel Castel in the early 1130s.
This buried knight was my great***uncle.

"Uncle John"

Arundel Castle

Templar Memorials in
Temple Chruch, London.

Dragon Hill in Uffington England.
This is where my namesake, St. George
pinned the Dragon to the Earth.
Nothing will grow atop it.
Look close, you can still see the ghost!

City Courtyard in Prague,
Czech Republic, where X marks
the spot where Knights Templar
were put to death.
Each small cross represents
a murdered knight.

The Alchemical Laborotory of John Dee
astrologer and secret agent to Queen Elizabeth I.
His secret signature was 007!
This lab is in the castle at Prague,
where he worked (and spied) for many years.
There is still soot on the ceiling from the explosions.
We got to spend some meditation time there,
without the public.

Clock Plaza in Prague

The town of Cesky Krumlov in the
Czech Republic.
The tower of Castle Rozmberk stands
above a medieval haven for Alchemists.
Amazingly ( perhaps not) this town is
one of he few that never took damage in
any of the great wars. We were there
for a Rosicrucian Conclave.

"My Sword and I"
Zena watch out!

Statue of the White Goddess
in a castle garden on
the Island of Mull, Scotland.

Masons Pillar
at Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland

Below, sitting on a garden bench at Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland.
Under the arch, the roots of a tree form the face of a bull. Being a Taurus, (St. George's Day) I guess I just can't get away from Mithraic Messengers!

Appreciation to
All Who Have Tread The Path
And to Those who particularly contributed to mine.

"In All Times and Places there are
Those Who Serve, Guard, and Defend
The Light within Humanity.
To That Company,
Wherever, Whenever."

Thanks To All,

Sharing a trek from Wearyall Hill to 
Glastonbury Tor with Saint Brigit's Cow!

Copyright G. Lambert 2008. All rights reserved.
The back of our house in Paris, France.
Early 1950's.
At Thirty.
At Sixty.
G. Lambert