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The Collage VISION, represents the blending of Art and Science to create the manifestation of Humanity’s highest aspiration. The foundation image is a drawing of Parcival, one of two Knights to achieve the Holy Grail. Overlaid upon his inner vision, are elements which speak to the embodiment of that vision.
On the left, the practical side, we see the planet Mars, our next frontier. The self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci includes his drawing of one of his flying machines and a drawing of the human skull, in which the center is designated. He believed that this was the place from which come creativity and inspired ideas .The projection into Space comes from this place, and as it points upward, we see the computer age as an invaluable tool. The orange lily represents the Path of Knowledge and Thought, which led to the freeing of Mans foot from Earth, at Kitty Hawk.
On the right side, the area of inspired creativity, we see the Woman in a posture of invocation and reception. She represents Humanity as the living connection between the Heavens and the Earth. This is symbolized by a geometrical configuration known as the Vescia Piscus. It is a doorway of Birth and the interface between dimensions. This symbol is modeled by its past example, the lid of Chalice Well in England, an ancient well of Vision and Healing. It is said that this is the place where the Holy Grail was hidden.
Above, we have a stunning photo from the Hubbell telescope, which clearly shows that the patterns of the Earth, and the Archetype of the Heavens are one and the same. It remains for Humanity to create the VISION, which brings that unity into manifestation.

G. Lambert