Georgia Lambert is now teaching in Second Life, an on-line, virtual world.
Here she is know as Rosslyn Guardian, and has established
Wardencliff College of Magical Knowledge, within a medieval castle.
Within this virtual community, she is doing lectures and classes as well as
Bardic performances of storytelling, poetry, and harp.
The College is located in a medieval world where students can set up a
free account, create an avatar and attend classes with other students
around the world in real time.
They can also socialize with each other, attend meditation services,
 and use the castle at any time whether Rosslyn is in world or not.

Below are some snapshots of the College and grounds.
If you are interested in becoming a part of this exciting community,
e-mail Georgia for details!

Rosslyn Guardian (aka: Georgia Lambert)

Main floor of Wardencliff Castle
Chapel of St. George

A classroom at Wardencliff

St. Bridget Chapel where students and friends can leave a lighted candle for those who are sick or in need.
Sea Cave under Wardencliff
Bardic Performance
Dancing Circle at Dawn
Dancing to Celtic Music